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Dayleen "Moke" Pua disappeared on the Haiku Stairs, Oʻahu, Hawaii on February 26, 2015; he served as a senior at Ke Kula 'O Ehunuikaimalino, a Hawaiian immersion school in Kealakekua; he was climbing up the stairs and posting to social media prior to his disappearance, which remains unsolved to this day.

Kidnapping Theory[]

Dayleen Pua on the Haiku Stairs

One of the pictures he took; the circled area shows what many people believe is another person, leading to theories of kidnapping

The most popular theory of his disappearance is that he was kidnapped by someone; the picture on the right was posted to his Facebook prior to his disappearance, and afterwards people noticed that the area circled in blue seems to show another person hiding.[1] Due to this, many people believe he was kidnapped and was either murdered or is still being held to this day.


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